Definition of strapline in English:



  • A subsidiary heading or caption in a newspaper or magazine.

    ‘the strapline on the front page promised '13 pages of dramatic pictures and eye-witness accounts'’
    • ‘Not only that - the headlines and straplines on the intro page sound positively like an advertisement for Linux.’
    • ‘I suggested to Nigel that he change the strapline on the cover to ‘Britain's Best-Smelling Diving Magazine‘.’
    • ‘The headline is in quotes and the strapline underneath makes quite clear the paper's view’
    • ‘I would only amend this by adding ‘the performance of a car’ to the strapline.’
    • ‘The novel has yet to find a US publisher and was recently released in Italy with a strapline that boasted: ‘The book that America dare not buy.’’
    • ‘Latterly, advertisers have started to make these straplines less functional.’
    • ‘I love those straplines you see on vans and trucks.’
    • ‘It's rare for an author to give a new phrase to a language, rarer still in these days of spin, catchphrases and advertising straplines.’
    • ‘Slogans and straplines are very important, you know, to a brand.’
    • ‘If nothing else, this survey could keep me in fresh straplines for weeks.’
    • ‘New branding and a revised strapline are also recommended.’
    • ‘The campaign focuses on three key storylines in the new series - alcoholism, a love triangle in the surgery and an attempted murder - with the strapline, ‘Prepare For Complications’.’
    • ‘The strapline and the button which goes immediately to the company's website make it reasonably plain that these are not in fact search results.’
    • ‘You have to have a strapline of some kind and hopefully we will have something that will get people excited.’
    • ‘There's an ad on Canadian radio for powerbars which uses the strapline - ‘Powerbars.’’