Definition of strategically in English:


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  • 1In a way that relates to the achievement of long-term or overall aims and interests.

    ‘we have to think strategically about how best to utilize our facilities’
    • ‘Unlike a marketing plan, a growth plan centers on a specific, strategically timed area of expansion or change.’
    • ‘To adequately serve US agriculture, a research presence in strategically chosen regions of the world is essential.’
    • ‘The company maintains strategically located distribution facilities serving more than 30 independent distributors throughout the state.’
    • ‘The California citrus industry cooperated in strategically marketing the season's orange crops.’
    • ‘Nitrogen can be strategically used to stimulate extra growth during certain seasons.’
  • 2In a way that relates to the gaining of a military advantage.

    ‘violence was deployed strategically’
    • ‘strategically important ports’
    • ‘The national leadership was not prepared to run the political and military risks necessary to achieve a strategically conclusive victory.’
    • ‘Early air-power theorists conceived of command of the air operationally, strategically, and geographically.’
    • ‘The strategic aspects of aerospace operations can be reinforced through strategically focused courses and mentored, sponsored research.’
    • ‘Professional military education is central to the development of strategically competent leaders and strategist specialists.’
    • ‘The air force approached this strategically defensive task with an offensive predisposition, one that inexorably led to considerable collateral damage.’



/strəˈtējik(ə)lē/ /strəˈtidʒɪk(ə)li/