Definition of stratigraphical in English:



See stratigraphy

  • ‘Second, there are many stratigraphical and palaeontological similarities in the Palaeogene successions of the Hampshire and London basins.’
  • ‘The age of the Whin Sill complex and the associated dykes can be narrowed down to Late Carboniferous to Early Permian by stratigraphical evidence.’
  • ‘Two endmember scenarios are defined as possible models to explain the different mineral-chemical stratigraphical styles shown by turbidite sandstones.’
  • ‘The integration of palynology with stratigraphical analysis represents a significant advance, by facilitating a detailed chronostratigraphic chart of the Iberian Pyrite Belt.’
  • ‘In the course of this work, Clark introduced the Ordovician stratigraphical terminology that is still in use in the Saint Lawrence Lowlands today.’