Definition of stratigraphically in English:



See stratigraphy

  • ‘Petrographic and geochemical contrasts between sedimentary rocks and intercalated, or stratigraphically lower, primary volcanic facies are common in the Volcano-Sedimentary Complex.’
  • ‘All these fossils are stratigraphically below the Siesta palaeosol in a glacial sequence deposited on the lower Oliver Platform.’
  • ‘The results provide a useful reminder that the onshore regions (geological ‘highs’) are in fact atypical stratigraphically and are thus not the best places to define type sections.’
  • ‘Such a conclusion was to be expected for the Phyllite-Quartzite Group sample 1 because this is stratigraphically well below the Volcano-Sedimentary Complex.’
  • ‘The ranges of the stratigraphically significant species can be integrated with the ranges of other species from different environments.’