Definition of stratocracy in English:



mass noun
  • 1rare Government by military forces.

    • ‘The important stratocracy persons in the Republic of China visited here respectively, including the chairman Linsen.’
    • ‘The obvious problem for a Western audience is that the none-too-subtle political message of ‘Hero’ is that stratocracy is good for you.’
    • ‘Neofascism and stratocracy are rife.’
    • ‘Ghana has been integral to the norm of the morally and psychologically daunting era of stratocracy rather than the exception, as one would have had it.’
    1. 1.1count noun A military government.
      • ‘Rather stratocracies are found only among countries that support immobile light and medium forces.’
      • ‘The vetting out of ‘outsiders’ was not the only kind gesture of these commanders of the Iranian stratocracy.’
      • ‘We live in a nascent stratocracy - a government ruled by military.’
      • ‘Back in 1972, when he was in self-imposed exile in New York because of the Greek stratocracy, he staged a musical version of Aristophanes’ play on Broadway, starring the late Melina Mercouri, who had also left Greece.’
      • ‘It all began with the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan in 1979, when the United States, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia supported Islamist rebels fighting the Moscow-backed Marxist stratocracy in Kabul.’
      • ‘This pact has led to the point of an almost total control by the stratocracy which resulted from interweaving modern science and technology with national, social and public interest.’


Mid 17th century from Greek stratos ‘army’ + -cracy.