Definition of stratovolcano in English:



  • A volcano built up of alternate layers of lava and ash.

    • ‘Nevado del Ruiz volcano is an andesite stratovolcano located in the northern Andes of Colombia.’
    • ‘Between 30 and 40 million years ago, eruptions from a cluster of stratovolcanoes blanketed the area with ash beds and volcanic mud flows, reaching a maximum thickness of 3,000 feet.’
    • ‘Vesuvius is a stratovolcano that grew within the breached crater of Monte Somma volcano.’
    • ‘The very short period of time between the shield stage truncated by the Garajonay embayment and the beginning of its filling by the Vallehermoso stratovolcano suggests a volcano-tectonic origin.’
    • ‘Mount Saint Helens in Washington and Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines are examples of stratovolcanoes.’