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  • Cloud forming a continuous horizontal gray sheet, often with rain or snow.

    ‘the weather was lousy, with low stratus and poor visibility’
    • ‘stratus cloud’
    • ‘In summer, Arctic Ocean packice cover is incomplete and heavily puddled, which maintains a constant layer of stratus and stratocumulus cloud cover.’
    • ‘The sky, a gloomy purple, was overlapped by stratus sheets of blue-black clouds.’
    • ‘The first sign that this is occurring would be the sight of a bank of Cirrus, followed by a bank of medium level clouds, and then thicker stratus clouds.’
    • ‘Unless you count the fact that they can be cumulus, stratus, cirrus, or nimbus.’
    • ‘Gray-brown stratus clouds in the upper atmosphere flew at high speed as though the planet was racked by a perpetual storm.’
    • ‘A shelf of stratus clouds appeared just to the south and for a while it wasn't clear this was the reason for the call of zero lift.’
    • ‘However in winter low stratus or fog could persist for days, or even weeks in extreme cases.’
    • ‘The gray layer of stratus has returned, contingent with the cook-fires of the enemy.’
    • ‘A high and light layer of stratus obscured the sun but the visibility overall was excellent.’



/ˈstrādəs/ /ˈstreɪdəs/ /ˈsträdəs/ /ˈstrɑdəs/


Early 19th century modern Latin, from Latin, literally ‘strewn’, past participle of sternere.