Definition of strawflower in English:



  • An everlasting flower of the daisy family.

    Several species in the family Compositae, in particular the Australian Helichrysum bracteatum and plants of the genus Helipterum

    • ‘The dried heads of strawflowers and safflower will further enliven your Yuletide still-life.’
    • ‘They say they pull out the statice and strawflowers and such and keep them in smaller vases for two or three weeks.’
    • ‘Sunflowers grow in the back, with strawflowers at far ends.’
    • ‘The strawflowers and statices - especially my perennial German statice - have been fantastic.’
    • ‘Both use strawflowers for bird's nests, and both also include marble or porcelain animal figurines, which could represent actual animals or garden statuary.’