Definition of streak of lightning in English:

streak of lightning


  • A flash of lightning.

    ‘a streak of lightning split the sky’
    • ‘It was only afterwards that one of the men said there was no thunder, just a streak of lightning and the tree broke and fell.’
    • ‘Emma, as if to discount the effects of the sprained ankle, ‘nonplussed her opponents… by dodging here and there with the rapidity of a streak of lightning.’’
    • ‘He hadn't yet decided when a loud clap of thunder made him jump, coinciding with a streak of lightning.’
    • ‘She ignored it, slammed her car door anyway, and flew from the house like a gold streak of lightning.’
    • ‘She took off after him like a streak of lightning, anger burning away any of her past fears.’
    • ‘When a streak of lightning flashes across the sky, you often hear a crack of thunder several seconds later.’
    • ‘I was first off the mark as a yellow and black streak of lightning engulfed my lure with a crash that might easily have stopped a dicky heart.’
    • ‘Just then a streak of lightning lit the stairway.’
    • ‘A streak of lightning hopped from one end of a cloud to another.’
    • ‘A streak of lightning struck a nearby tree, followed by deafening thunder.’
    bolt, shaft, flash, beam