Definition of street-legal in English:



  • (of a vehicle) meeting all legal requirements for use on ordinary roads.

    • ‘In those days up to 300 average street-legal vehicles would show up on a Wednesday evening to compete or just hang out.’
    • ‘At more reasonable speeds, regular drivers found the car a pleasure to drive, with one of the best steering responses experienced in a street-legal vehicle.’
    • ‘Under the new rules, a pure-stock, street-legal car would not require this equipment unless it ran 11.49 and quicker.’
    • ‘They have $3000 and a week's worth of time to design, construct and test the machine in a head-on challenge, which must always preserve the appearance of being a normal, street-legal automobile.’
    • ‘Additionally, the powerful engines and capability of the vehicles to handle this power is the peak of street-legal automotive technology.’
    • ‘The minimum requirements for racing are usually a valid driver's license, registration, insurance, seat belts, street-legal tires, and a muffler.’
    • ‘The street-legal golf car will sell for approximately $6,495.’
    • ‘In recent years, he helped promote the company's new line of street-legal tires.’