Definition of street drug in English:

street drug


  • A drug sold illegally and used for its mood-altering, stimulant, or sedative effects.

    ‘well known as an animal tranquillizer, ketamine is also used as an illicit street drug called ‘special K’’
    • ‘The term illicit prescription drug use does not include the use or abuse of alcohol or "street drugs."’
    • ‘In Colorado, flu vaccine could actually become a street drug.’
    • ‘The active ingredient in ephedra is the chemical ephedrine, which can be converted into the street drug methamphetamine.’
    • ‘Participants will answer a series of questions on a variety of topics related to how street drugs affect the brain.’
    • ‘Most cases of hepatitis C are caused by sharing contaminated needles to inject street drugs.’
    • ‘They are highly addictive; kids are using them more than street drugs to get high.’
    • ‘We need to do what we can to keep young people from turning to street drugs.’
    • ‘Burke advises anyone who's ever injected street drugs or gotten a "jailhouse" tattoo to be tested.’
    • ‘People will end up using street drugs on top of methadone or drinking just to get to sleep.’
    • ‘Ecstasy, in other words, is becoming a street drug.’
    • ‘Vicodin is one of the most popular street drugs out there.’
    • ‘Chronic pain, combined with the acute pain inflicted by her severely abusive partner, compelled her to seek the analgesic properties of street drugs.’
    • ‘Help your partner stay away from street drugs.’
    • ‘For nightmares resulting from the effects of "street drugs" or persistent alcohol use, seek counsel on the best way to discontinue use.’
    • ‘For many recreational users, prescription methadone doesn't carry the same stigma as the typical street drug.’
    • ‘There are tons of reasons taking pills is just as risky as doing street drugs.’
    • ‘Certain medicines, herbal supplements, and illegal street drugs can make your heart beat faster.’
    • ‘Some medications and street drugs can also trigger depression.’
    • ‘Do you find yourself working all the time, drinking too much alcohol, using street drugs, or seeking thrills from risky activities?’