Definition of street food in English:

street food


mass noun
  • Prepared or cooked food sold by vendors in a street or other public location for immediate consumption.

    ‘Chinatown comes alive during the summer with night markets where hawkers sell sizzling street food after dark’
    count noun ‘the chefs have created dishes inspired by traditional street foods’
    • ‘I liked the recipe for Fritas, the mini hamburger street food eaten in Cuba.’
    • ‘Singapore is highly developed yet rich in street foods.’
    • ‘Broadly speaking, developed countries have fewer street foods.’
    • ‘This time he's peddling reimagined Asian street food at Spice Market.’
    • ‘They vary from stalls selling traditional street food to posh restaurants serving international cuisine.’
    • ‘These fluffy chickpea fritters from Israel are, to my mind, the finest street food of all.’
    • ‘Most street food evokes memories of the past, like wonton, noodles, buns soaked in mutton soup from the northern part of the country.’
    • ‘Families strolled through the ancient streets enjoying the spectacle, buying cheap toys for the children, and snacking on street food.’
    • ‘Samosas are usually eaten as a snack, often as a street food.’
    • ‘Today our travelling party is debilitated by food poisoning (not me ... despite eating chicken and street food and god knows what else).’
    • ‘Drinking water and street food are generally safe.’
    • ‘However, potatoes as street food in the early 19th century mostly took the form of hot baked potatoes and these were a seasonal trade.’
    • ‘Hong Kongers adore street food and snacks, but local fast fare might not love us, dieticians say.’
    • ‘Chichingas, like kebabs, and chawarma, similar to a doner kebab, are popular street foods.’
    • ‘Many of the street foods available across the city, derive from village traditions and are packaged in plant materials such as banana leaves - natural wrappers which function as biodegradable serving dishes when unfolded.’