Definition of street furniture in English:

street furniture


mass noun
  • Objects placed or fixed in the street for public use, such as postboxes, road signs, and benches.

    • ‘At the meeting, councillors agreed they would recommend a voluntary code of conduct to encourage the appropriate siting of A-boards, street furniture, tables and chairs.’
    • ‘It will involve the upgrading of current street furniture, primarily benches, to a more modern standard.’
    • ‘In addition, several roads will be extended to Carr Street, pedestrian connections will be developed and street furniture like shelters and benches will be installed.’
    • ‘Councillors discussed creating a ‘gateway’ on Albert Street, close to the Laing Street junction, using flower beds or street furniture to mark the beginning of the pedestrianised area.’
    • ‘Money will also be spent on street markings, traffic signals, street furniture, name plates and public lighting.’
    • ‘Ideas for this have included matching stall canopies, new street furniture and a new high quality surface.’
    • ‘Estate agents who illegally fixed for sale signs to street furniture have been fined.’
    • ‘It shall also provide high-quality hard/soft landscaping, including paved civic space areas, tree/shrub planting, seating, lighting and other street furniture.’
    • ‘Every survey that has been undertaken has clearly shown that shoppers want a more pleasant shopping environment - a cooler, more shady streetscape, with friendly and relaxing street furniture.’
    • ‘The council is upgrading King Street, near the town centre, with improved paving and street furniture on the section between Paradise Terrace and Princess Street.’
    • ‘Fly posting is defined as displaying advertising material on buildings and street furniture without the consent of the owner.’
    • ‘Any repainting of street lines or repairing of street furniture that needed to be done could also all be done on that day.’
    • ‘It's alive, vibrant and awash with colour and decorated with an extravaganza of flowers, banners and bunting adorning every piece of street furniture available.’
    • ‘The street is also to more ‘pedestrian friendly’ and new public lighting will be provided in addition to a ‘consistent suite of street furniture.’’
    • ‘Up to £40,000 worth of vandal-proof street furniture, including bins, bollards and flower planters will start appearing on the town's main shopping streets later this month.’
    • ‘Mr Parker said: ‘The idea is to create a book stating exactly how we want street furniture to look around the city centre.’’
    • ‘The bus stop pole is the important piece of street furniture and that is what our drivers would observe.’
    • ‘As such, she asserts, the authorities cannot ignore its basic problems of traffic, solid-waste management, garbage disposal and appropriate street furniture.’
    • ‘Phased over two years, the comprehensive makeover will include a wide range of measures such as carriageway resurfacing, footway re-laying and the upgrading of street furniture and lighting.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I am worried that they we will just get some tarted up pavement and a bit of new street furniture.’’
    • ‘The English company manufactures a range of products, including fencing, decking, outdoor street furniture, traffic bollards and road hazard markings.’


street furniture