Definition of street party in English:

street party


  • A social event held outdoors in a street or other public area, typically one organized by and for local residents.

    ‘thousands of people celebrated the coronation with street parties, carnivals, and firework displays’
    • ‘The batteries are used to power the truck's sound system which brings music to the street party.’
    • ‘Elsewhere downtown, the Church Street District offers its own street party on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Tonight (July 13) there'll be a street party with live music.’
    • ‘Around 80,000 revellers were in the city centre to enjoy a welcome break in the stormy weather for the Hogmanay street party.’
    • ‘In some villages, people were invited to watch equestrian contests, or to come together for street parties.’
    • ‘In the capital, Jakarta, tourism authorities estimate 2 million people will take part in street parties in 162 locations.’
    • ‘Mrs Barnetson said families wanted to continue what they had started with their Diamond Jubilee street party last summer.’
    • ‘Festivals in Europe range from religious events and raucous street parties to celebrations of local traditions.’
    • ‘The area often provides cooking demonstrations and street parties for the entire family.’
    • ‘At night, locals and visitors enjoy fireworks and a street party on the river banks.’
    • ‘The bunting is breaking out and street parties are being organised.’
    • ‘Up and down the country, we celebrated her reign with street parties and the popping of corks.’
    • ‘Around a million people are expected to descend on the Dutch capital for a huge street party to celebrate the first new Dutch monarch in 33 years.’