Definition of street theatre in English:

street theatre


mass noun
  • Drama performed on the streets, typically in an informal or improvised manner.

    • ‘Various forms of folk drama and street theater are also performed for the amusement of the people.’
    • ‘This year, it's not street theater, but courtroom drama.’
    • ‘It was an interesting piece of improvised street theater, but a performance whose point was too murky to discern.’
    • ‘When the sun starts to set, people gather in groups to continue the debate, bands play and street theatre is performed to crowds hundreds strong.’
    • ‘The trio performed their innovative street theatre in St Sampson's Square.’
    • ‘Students at Hanson School, Bradford, will perform a piece of street theatre as part of the ceremony.’
    • ‘The protesters also performed some street theater mocking the judges, while others played the role of politicians donating ‘presents’ to the judges.’
    • ‘In the past, activists started ad campaigns, smashed TV sets and performed impromptu street theatre.’
    • ‘You can always tell when street theatre is being performed - the traffic banks up!’
    • ‘On the agenda are activities such as drawing, street theatre, miming, clay modelling, story telling and public speaking.’
    • ‘It's an extravaganza of free, top quality entertainment, performance arts, street theatre, family fun and much more.’
    • ‘Bradford will also host a street party tomorrow with street theatre, music and a huge firework display.’
    • ‘Earlier, there will be street theatre in Parliament Street and the Coppergate Centre.’
    • ‘The festival this year offers a choice array of drama, dance, comedy and street theatre.’
    • ‘We also market condoms at highly subsidised prices and disseminate life-saving messages via soap operas, street theatre and puppet shows.’
    • ‘Along the route there was street theatre and sideshows.’
    • ‘But as street theatre moves centre stage in Britain, will it maintain its political purpose?’
    • ‘This enthusiasm fits with a time when exploitation of deformity no longer provides a reliable source of income, and when the sideshow turns to performance art and street theater.’
    • ‘On Monday, troupes of actors take to the streets of Braamfontein for street theatre - they will be popping up here and there throughout the day.’
    • ‘With dramatic speeches and street theater, she organized workers, women, and minorities, drawing public attention to their hardships and giving them a voice.’


street theatre