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street vendor

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  • A person who sells something in the street, either from a stall or van or with their goods laid out on the sidewalk.

    ‘Once a trainee priest, he has worked as a market street trader, a chef and a publican, briefly trained as a jockey and once trialled for Wimbledon.’
    • ‘A street trader sits patiently beside a barrow filled with old books: ‘I remember quite clearly that I asked myself how these people could buy books when they had nothing to eat.’’
    • ‘From a young age she spent time with her father, a general dealer in fruit, vegetables and flowers, learning the life of a street trader.’
    • ‘One street trader on Friargate, who wished not to be named, said legitimate traders were being affected by the litter left by touts handing out flyers and ‘chasing’ the public with clipboards.’
    • ‘‘When I was a child my dad was a general dealer in fruit and veg and selling flowers on Chiswick High Road,’ says Maureen who believes she was born into life as a street trader.’
    • ‘Though the owner of the fridge looked unconcerned about the discovery, Wheeler said that in the past chickens from a street trader had been tested and found to carry some type of disease.’
    • ‘It would appear to cover, for example, a crowd gathered to listen to the patter of a street trader, or to the performance of a brass band, as much as people attending a political meeting.’
    • ‘DON'T be surprised when next you buy some vegetables and the street trader strikes up a conversation about profit and loss and the exchange rate.’
    • ‘I used to say to my mum when I was growing up I didn't know whether to be a street trader or a chorus girl.’
    • ‘It's now minutes before kick-off and Archie, the street trader, is taking orders and shouting the punters' requests to his helper.’
    • ‘Bill Cullen was born in Dublin inner city, leaving school at 13 to become a full-time street trader.’
    • ‘Once licenses are issued, a street trader is entitled to conduct business for one day per week for a cost of E1,000.’
    • ‘He got his first job in Joyce's of Ballymoe at the age of sixteen and went into business himself some years later as a street trader.’
    • ‘Harry Hook was a street trader who had traded for six years without any sort of complaint being made against him.’
    • ‘Speaking to one unlicensed street trader, Masondo urged him to go to the Metro Trading Company to apply for a permit as soon as possible, as it was in the hawker's best interests.’
    • ‘Checks on street trader licences were also carried out.’
    • ‘It also recommends information-sharing by football clubs, police and the courts, and proposes tough measures against street traders selling paramilitary merchandise around football grounds.’
    • ‘A nearby taxi rank is always busy, while street traders line the pavements to sell their wares to the passers-by.’
    • ‘Smuggled cigarettes here were traditionally sold by street traders in well known areas like Henry Street in Dublin.’
    • ‘With their economy flat and over four million unemployed, major German towns and cities were swamped by street traders selling cut-price trees.’
    travelling salesman, door-to-door salesman