Definition of streetcar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstrētˌkär/ /ˈstritˌkɑr/

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North American
  • another term for trolley car

    ‘But at least it's not like Toronto, where the streetcar or bus drivers don't carry any change.’
    • ‘They also ride buses and streetcars carrying students to and from school.’
    • ‘This last detail reminds you why few really wept when the streetcars were replaced with buses.’
    • ‘Every day hundreds of streetcars, buses and subway cars are dangerously overcrowded during rush hour, yet do their operators get charged?’
    • ‘On Monday morning, Edmontonians woke up to find no streetcars or taxis operating, city hall closed and police and fire patrols limited.’
    • ‘I rode into the city by subway and saw the crowds of badge-sporting, flag-waving kids become denser, packing buses, streetcars, and roads closed for streaming parades of pilgrims on foot.’
    • ‘One goal is to increase the link between public transit and bikes, by attaching bike racks to buses and streetcars and installing secure parking facilities at subway and train stations.’
    • ‘Toronto has a clean, efficient public transportation system composed of the subway, buses and streetcars.’
    • ‘Both of these new lines used newly built streetcars designed to resemble the antique cars on the St. Charles line.’
    • ‘Their fellow Muscovites taunted them on the sidewalks and on the streetcars, loudly criticizing their appearance, hurling insults at them, sometimes attacking them.’
    • ‘My opposition to the streetcars has five points.’
    • ‘Maybe you sat watching the window because there was a pretty girl who always got off the streetcar when it stopped there after four.’
    • ‘When someone is sitting next to you on the streetcar, then rises to take a single seat that opens up, should this offend you?’
    • ‘Electricity changed all that in the late 19th Century, powering streetcars and interurban cars connecting rural and urban areas throughout Canada.’
    • ‘I've often noticed the Market Street streetcars because they've returned a number of restored antique cars to operation.’
    • ‘For example, city transportation in Tallinn includes buses, trolleys, and streetcars.’
    • ‘Gustafson said streetcars attract more urban development than bus routes.’
    • ‘A half an hour or so later a young man disembarked from a streetcar and walked into the nearby Desplaines Police Station.’
    • ‘Although the streetcars have a historic ambience, the operators have modern equipment at their disposal, such as radios and telephones and more contemporary fare collection equipment.’
    • ‘In the 1990 afternoon rush hour, there were 207 streetcars in service; in 2001, only 152, a drop of more than 25 per cent.’