Definition of strepsipteran in English:


noun & adjective


See Strepsiptera

  • ‘It's also worth noting that strepsipterans have a unique eye design which is closer to that of a trilobite's than to any other insect's.’
  • ‘These parasitoids, the strepsipteran Elenchus koebelei and the dryinid Pseudogonatopus arizonicus were found in only 8.3% and 0.03%, respectively, of hosts sampled.’
  • ‘The first instar strepsipteran larvae, which are the infective stage, were collected as they emerged live from adult female X. vesparum parasitic within stylopized wasps that had overwintered (from the same area).’
  • ‘In one strepsipteran family, males and females actually parasitize different kinds of insects.’