Definition of streptocarpus in English:



  • An African plant with funnel-shaped flowers which are typically pink, white, or violet, cultivated as indoor or greenhouse plants.

    Genus Streptocarpus, family Gesneriaceae

    • ‘Jim Ellis, an expert in growing streptocarpus has won prizes for his plants at the country's top gardening shows and has just developed a new hybrid of the flower.’
    • ‘When growing indoors under controlled conditions, many streptocarpuses may bloom continuously given the proper conditions and if leaf and plant growth continues.’
    • ‘I have also bred other ornamentals, including daylilies, streptocarpuses, nasturtiums, and several kinds of poppies.’
    • ‘And, along with African violets and streptocarpuses I have chiritas, an espicia, an alsobia, sinningias and columneas.’
    • ‘I am finding citrus every bit as addictive as the African violets and streptocarpuses.’


Modern Latin, from strepto-‘twisted’ + Greek karpos ‘fruit’.