Definition of stretch receptor in English:

stretch receptor


  • A sensory receptor that responds to the stretching of surrounding muscle tissue and so contributes to the coordination of muscle activity.

    ‘In the lobster stretch receptor, for example, extra spikes are generated even when soma invasion fails.’
    • ‘The crayfish stretch receptor neuron is such an object.’
    • ‘A specific stretch receptor protein in plants has yet to be identified.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, the enhanced chemoreceptor response elicits an inhibitory response from the baroreceptors and pulmonary stretch receptors.’
    • ‘There are several mechanisms involved in regulating the secretion of vasopressin, including hypothalamic osmoreceptors, left atrial stretch receptors, and arterial baroreceptors.’


stretch receptor

/ˈstreCH rəˈseptər/ /ˈstrɛtʃ rəˈsɛptər/