Definition of stretchy in English:


adjectivestretchier, stretchiest

  • (especially of material or a garment) able to stretch or be stretched easily.

    ‘stretchy miniskirts’
    • ‘It was made of some stretchy material so I was able to walk and it was a little short, but I didn't mind.’
    • ‘I got some black stretchy material that i can use to make a belt out of and Karina got some tan corduroy to make a skirt.’
    • ‘It is made out of a stretchy material, so it will be comfortable enough to wear all day in school.’
    • ‘Wearing vertical lines on your top half can have a streamlining effect, so long as the material is not stretchy or clingy.’
    • ‘If you think you may not have time to check ties regularly, use a stretchy material such as rubber rather than a rigid tie.’
    • ‘She has done heaps of different courses in a range of areas but found that being able to sew stretchy fabrics meant she has been able to make clothes for the whole family quickly and inexpensively.’
    • ‘The material was stretchy enough that it hadn't mattered.’
    • ‘Soft bands are made out of silks, satins, ribbons, cotton, rayon and various forms of stretchy materials.’
    • ‘The stretchy material could be worn under Kyle's shirt and go unnoticed.’
    • ‘Taylor also noted that it was stretchy material and had a zipper in the back.’
    • ‘Previously, stretchable conductors have been made by embedding metal particles in a stretchy material.’
    • ‘On the front of every issue you get a CD-ROM of software - it's stuck to the magazine using this weird kind of stretchy silicon glue stuff.’
    • ‘Then I was covered from neck to ankles in a bandage-like stretchy fabric soaked in a special clay substance.’
    • ‘The fabric is too stretchy, the neck too wide, the stitching and finishing unacceptable.’
    • ‘But now, working within the modern context of nanotechnology, researchers have found a way to make strong yet stretchy metals.’
    • ‘Stay away from open-weave linens and other stretchy fabrics.’
    • ‘For very stretchy fabrics, use texturized stretch thread in the needle to tighten the needleline and add additional stretch in the seam.’
    • ‘Because fleece is such a lofty, stretchy fabric, use a 3 mm or 3.5 mm stitch length.’
    • ‘Knits and other stretchy fabrics are an open invitation to snags.’
    • ‘Most shorts are made of a stretchy fabric generically called spandex.’
    stretchy, stretchable, elastic, elasticated