Definition of stridently in English:


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  • 1In an extremely forceful way.

    ‘I stridently opposed the merger’
    • ‘Their leaders stridently lobbied the departing British for constitutional protections.’
    • ‘In Milan, designers make a case for a suit that is stridently individual.’
    • ‘The social philosophy of chief constables also tends to the conservative, albeit less stridently expressed for the most part.’
    • ‘The acceptance speeches alternated between the embarrassingly grateful and the stridently self-promotional.’
    • ‘People choose not to buy advertised goods, and even to stridently reject advertising.’
  • 2With a loud and harsh or grating sound.

    ‘dogs bark stridently, grating on eardrums’
    • ‘As the radio talk show host stridently screams into a microphone, I roll my eyes.’
    • ‘It was impossible not to overhear the hard-edged voice from the next room stridently singing the praises of men wearing khaki.’
    • ‘The door wailed stridently as the assailants' gunfire intensifed.’
    • ‘Lady Catherine called stridently, bustling into the hall as an aggrieved Collins waddled towards the relative safety of her skirts.’
    • ‘Ignore her calls until she stridently whines into the answering machine, demanding to be heard.’



/ˈstrīd(ə)ntlē/ /ˈstraɪd(ə)ntli/