Definition of stridor in English:



mass noun
  • 1A harsh or grating sound.

    ‘the engines' stridor increased’
    1. 1.1Medicine A harsh vibrating noise when breathing, caused by obstruction of the windpipe or larynx.
      • ‘In the emergency room she had labored breathing and stridor.’
      • ‘On physical examination, the patient had no stridor, respiratory distress, or cervical lymphadenopathy.’
      • ‘On examination, she was noted to be sitting upright and breathing without tachypnea, retractions or stridor.’
      • ‘The patient initially presented at age 13 months to the paediatric department at another hospital with fever, drooling, toxicity and stridor.’
      • ‘Later, the child appears acutely ill with fever, upper airway compromise, stridor, drooling and respiratory distress.’
      • ‘On examination he was feverish and had stridor and tachycardia.’
      • ‘This case highlights the importance of considering epiglottitis early in the differential diagnosis of a child presenting with upper respiratory distress or stridor.’
      clank, clanking, clink, clinking, chink, chinking, jangling, jingle, jingling, clash, clashing, clang, clanging, rattle, rattling, clangour


Mid 17th century from Latin, from stridere ‘to creak’.