Definition of strike-slip fault in English:

strike-slip fault


  • A fault in which rock strata are displaced mainly in a horizontal direction, parallel to the line of the fault.

    ‘Towards the end of the orogeny, several north-south-trending strike-slip faults were active.’
    • ‘The Mae Ping and Three Pagodas fault zones are far from being isolated, parallel strike-slip faults.’
    • ‘The hinterland of the Middle Urals is strongly influenced by north-south-trending strike-slip faults.’
    • ‘These faults are dominantly dextral strike-slip faults with NE-SW trends.’
    • ‘The East Asian region is characterized by widespread Cenozoic normal and strike-slip faults.’


strike-slip fault

/ˈstrīk ˌslip ˌfôlt/ /ˈstraɪk ˌslɪp ˌfɔlt/