Definition of strike (it) lucky in English:

strike (it) lucky


  • Have good luck in a particular matter.

    ‘Middlesbrough struck lucky when they chose McClaren last summer’
    • ‘They soon struck lucky, finding the coins scattered over a wide area.’
    • ‘Was this the norm or had we struck lucky finding the café almost deserted?’
    • ‘If you are a follower of style, with no interest in budget meals or hotels, then you have just struck lucky.’
    • ‘But this week I struck it lucky, won the jackpot, hit the bullseye.’
    • ‘I don't believe luck can be made, as if some people have a knack in striking lucky and some people don't.’
    • ‘Panning for gold seems, initially, a ludicrously easy way of striking it lucky, and Paterson cheerfully admits that there is no great skill involved.’
    • ‘The canny ones, those with contacts or who strike lucky with property or businesses, move away, following the Central Line artery out to upscale areas such as Woodford and Loughton.’
    • ‘It's a bit like a lottery - sometimes you strike lucky and become rich and famous.’
    • ‘Gold is now his favourite colour and, given the chance, he is hoping to strike lucky again.’
    • ‘That does not mean you should not take the chance, for if you do strike lucky it will be a day you will never forget.’