Definition of strike a pose (or attitude) in English:

strike a pose (or attitude)


  • Hold one's body in a particular position to create an impression.

    ‘striking a dramatic pose, Antonia announced that she was leaving’
    • ‘I grabbed the dress and pressed it against my body, striking a pose.’
    • ‘As I it drove past her, I took my hands off the wheel and struck a pose.’
    • ‘She wailed something in a language I couldn't recognise and struck a pose.’
    • ‘This is just one of the images I took of her posing for the camera yesterday, and goes into a collection of literally hundreds of similar images with her striking a pose for a camera.’
    • ‘You cannot tell the wild animal to strike a pose for you in front of a camera.’
    • ‘She placed the aged hat on her head and struck a pose.’
    • ‘Rising to her feet she struck a pose; playfully modeling for him.’
    • ‘She struck a pose, admiring herself from several different angles.’
    • ‘Jen tipped the hat and struck a pose and they laughed to themselves.’
    • ‘I struck a pose as she picked up the camera and blinded me with the flash.’
    assume, adopt, take on, take up, affect, feign, put on