Definition of striking plate in English:

striking plate


another term for striker plate
  • ‘The face component has a striking plate portion and a return portion.’
  • ‘In assembling, the striking plate mechanically connects to a front side of the golf club head body.’
  • ‘We suggest the use of a plastic faced mallet when using the striking plates to prolong their life.’
  • ‘Nuts were tightened up with a flogging spanner, the first blow hit the striking plate fair and square.’
  • ‘The Cage Paktor utilises multiple rows of striking plates to offer selective stages of impact crushing.’
  • ‘Before we put on the striking plate make sure that the lock works, using both the key and internal knob.’
  • ‘This machine is designed in particular to fit striking plates to fixed frames of windows or French windows.’
  • ‘Due to the cranked shape, different material thicknesses of frames and striking plates can be compensated for.’
  • ‘The security striking plate is mounted in the door frame opposite the mortise lock.’
  • ‘The inclusion of some striking plates would bring much needed depth to works that are more often than not quite flat.’
  • ‘Finally, screw the striking plate in place.’
  • ‘The cushioning profile is inlaid, striking plate and hinge recesses are mounted.’
  • ‘The striking plate is fitted with an electric strike which engages with a new sprung latch in the ‘piggy-back’ lock.’