Definition of Strindbergian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Swedish playwright and novelist August Strindberg or his works.

    ‘a dark, Strindbergian drama’
    • ‘Any marriage this relationship resembles would be a Strindbergian one.’
    • ‘The attractive lovers move convincingly from mutual sexual curiosity to Strindbergian loathing.’
    • ‘As she is equally capable of evoking passion and tears, she is an ideal Strindbergian.’
    • ‘In this production, the Macbeths became a childless couple locked together in a Strindbergian love-hate relationship.’
    • ‘The director returns to his strong Strindbergian theatrical roots in this film.’


  • An admirer or student of the Swedish playwright and novelist August Strindberg or his works.

    ‘this ending will surprise most Strindbergians’
    • ‘The Strindbergians for the most part felt that the hairline and the moustache might indeed be the playwright's [in the portrait].’
    • ‘It may interest Strindbergians that, after my review appeared, I received the expected indignant protests from the Wagnerites - but none from Strindbergians.’
    • ‘From the very outset one could see how numerous the Strindbergians were in attendance: the applause which was heard from beginning to end was actually enthusiastic.’
    • ‘Pirandello and de Filippo in Italy; Lorca in Spain ... Strindbergians all.’
    • ‘The womanly woman and the manly man, those ideals of the Victorians, crumbled before the attack of the Ibsenites, Strindbergians, and Shavians in the nineties.’