Definition of string bean in English:

string bean


  • 1Any of various beans eaten in their fibrous pods, especially runner beans or French beans.

    • ‘There are string beans (snap beans), green beans, purple beans and yellow beans.’
    • ‘When it states that a Liégeoise salad is bacon, string beans, onions, and red bliss potatoes, that's it.’
    • ‘Zinc is also abundant in spinach, parsley, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, string beans and prunes.’
    • ‘Today that selection was a smoked salmon tower with potato pancakes and poached eggs and string beans.’
    • ‘The lamb was quite good as well and it was served with steamed cauliflower, string beans and carrots.’
    • ‘It will be baked along with some veggies… carrot, cho cho, broccoli and string beans.’
    • ‘As for Quaz, he had liver, string beans, and blood pudding.’
    • ‘The three girls made turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, pies, corn, string beans, and much more.’
    • ‘Mix the papaya, tomato string beans and the other ingredients.’
    • ‘The selection tonight was either breaded chicken with rice, string beans, and a roll, or a big bowl of beef stew and a roll.’
    • ‘Yes, honeybunch, I threw string beans at you out of my undying love.’
    • ‘In a large bowl, mix them together with fresh string beans.’
    • ‘I started rinsing my mouth with the juice from canned string beans.’
    • ‘Then, he looked up and saw Mel's blank face as she toyed the string beans on the plate using her fork instead of eating them.’
    • ‘He returns carrying a faded sport coat that's a shade of light green resembling stale string beans.’
    • ‘Some string beans are so delicious, you may want to keep a supply at hand by putting some in your garden.’
    • ‘They walked toward the field and just beyond the fence was a Crop Circle in the string beans.’
    • ‘Bass are a magnificent athletic species and should not end up served with string beans and half a lime.’
    • ‘Take more walks, sing more lullabies, spend less time trying to get her to eat string beans and more time pushing the stroller along the boardwalk.’
    • ‘One was tall and thin like a string bean and the other was short and round like a tomato.’
  • 2informal A tall, thin person.

    • ‘Alexis Rios, a string bean if there ever was one, struck out swinging against Jarrod Washburn to end the inning.’
    • ‘I had a string bean body that hardly looked toned.’
    • ‘I am not jealous of that geeky little string bean.’
    • ‘In 1956, a 16-year-old string bean of 89 pounds, she ran in the Melbourne Olympics.’
    • ‘The director would undoubtedly label this spineless string bean a quintessential American.’
    • ‘During one stretch in September, Pina belied his frail, string bean appearance by working in eight of Oakland's 10 games.’
    • ‘She had a figure with curves that befitted a woman, not the string beans typical of Hollywood and the modeling world.’


string bean