Definition of string line in English:

string line


another term for balk line
  • ‘Had we not had this system we would have done it the old-fashioned way, pulling a string line and checking at every station.’
  • ‘Every 4’ or so, use a perpendicular string line to check your progress.’
  • ‘Dibler adds that by using stringless technology for grade preparation, Millstone eliminated 60% of the string line setting on this project.’
  • ‘If you have a long run of fencing, or if it will be making any changes of direction, add intermediate stakes as needed to keep the string line accurate.’
  • ‘Once they've got the grading and stone down, we'll come in and set the string line, pour the new curb, and base pave the roads.’
  • ‘Then all she had to do was trace the string line with her putter head, taking it straight back and straight through.’
  • ‘Regular checks against a measuring tape and a string line insure straight coursing and even spacing.’
  • ‘Traditionally anchor bolts are located by string line and tape measures.’
  • ‘One idea was paving most of the work without string lines using a Guntert & Zimmerman S - 850 Quadra 4-track paver.’
  • ‘Castle Rock set pins for the string lines at 5-foot intervals on the outside radius and at 3-foot intervals on the inside radius.’
  • ‘Now approaching the job site, he was lugging a worn canvas bag jammed with his favorite trowels, string lines, and other tools in his left hand.’
  • ‘The string lines are often braided aircraft cable supported on pins set 25 feet or less apart.’
  • ‘They will move the string lines a few millimetres to the right or left, backward or forward, by trial and error, to be square.’
  • ‘Make sure your tiles fit snugly into the corner and line up with the border reference string lines.’
  • ‘Experienced masons keep their string lines taut to help them lay straight courses.’