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string orchestra

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  • An orchestra consisting only of bowed string instruments of the violin family.

    ‘Its unusual scoring features a piano and string quartet against a string orchestra.’
    • ‘The work is scored for strings (both a string orchestra and a quartet, spatially separated), vibraphones, celesta, bells, and harp.’
    • ‘Steger gives us five varied concerti on four instruments, and the string orchestra have two to themselves.’
    • ‘The concert will feature soloists and a string orchestra performing a wide variety of songs from Leonard Bernstein to Handel.’
    • ‘The Triple Quartet exists in three versions: string quartet and tape (of the other two quartets), three string quartets, and string orchestra.’
    • ‘The ensemble is similar also, mainly a string orchestra with which the soloists contrast clearly.’
    • ‘By using two choruses of winds that interact with a string orchestra, Handel achieves a spatial sound elucidating its own successful development.’
    • ‘Part of its effect comes from Gubaidulina's unusual tuning of the string orchestra: half the players tune a quarter-tone lower.’
    • ‘The songs will be played by a string orchestra with choral singing and I hope the result will be deeply moving.’
    • ‘Their father was the lead cellist in the SA Symphony Orchestra and conducted his own string orchestra.’
    • ‘The string orchestra tends to smooth everything over.’
    • ‘Here, they are played by a full string orchestra - a change that Phoenix doesn't say anything about.’
    • ‘In some cases, the composer himself arranged the music for string orchestra.’
    • ‘Toward the end of his life, he arranged the Lachrymae for soloist and string orchestra as a favor to Cecil Aronowitz.’
    • ‘They blended well together and were sympathetically supported by the accompanying string orchestra, also standing to play.’
    • ‘We each took one more step, then stopped, as the string orchestra, tucked away in the corner nearest the dance floor, struck up the national anthem.’
    • ‘Legrand's score ranges from a sort of light cocktail-jazz perkiness to a lush 50s-style string orchestra ballad sound.’
    • ‘Originally written for organ in 1945, McKay transcribed it for two string orchestras in 1962.’
    • ‘Of the group, half had music training both from individual lessons and participation in their schools' string orchestras.’
    • ‘She was not afraid to blend together banjos with string orchestras.’


string orchestra

/striNG ˈôrkəstrə/ /strɪŋ ˈɔrkəstrə/ /ˈôrˌkestrə/ /ˈɔrˌkɛstrə/