Definition of string something out in English:

string something out

phrasal verb

  • Prolong something.

    ‘he had strung out the conversation’
    • ‘But the NMC only offers guidelines on how employers should carry out the training, so the adaptation period can be strung out for much longer.’
    • ‘Clearly the tenant is hoping to string this matter out as long as possible but the time has come to draw it to a head.’
    • ‘The supreme court is considering the validity of the election result and they may string the process out for a week, but people say they are prepared to stay on the streets for as long as it takes.’
    • ‘Others hope that holding the ballot will string the issue out indefinitely.’
    • ‘Equity can be cashed out only for so long as it exists; the process is a once-for-all affair even as the Fed tries to string it out indefinitely.’
    • ‘I am not trying to string it out by any means, your Honour.’
    • ‘Now it's organized into many different parts, causing people to string it out over a longer period of time.’
    • ‘The guy who doesn't go to college may get to string it out a little longer, but by the time he hits age 24 or so he'll have greybeard status - which in a 12-19 year old world means nothing.’
    • ‘See, I'm absolutely in love with this story, and I know how it's going to end, but I want to string it out a little longer instead of having it end right now.’
    • ‘The length of the excerpt, again, is a function of time, and the cost of my time to produce it, unless I want to string it out a page or two.’
    protract, spin out, draw out, drag out, lengthen, stretch, stretch out
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