Definition of string tie in English:

string tie


  • A very narrow necktie.

    • ‘The man was in shirt sleeves, a string tie around his neck.’
    • ‘His sparkling white starched shirt was worn with a black string tie.’
    • ‘Jim wore a dark blue suit with a white shirt and a black string tie.’
    • ‘As he buttoned his clean shirt and tied his string tie, he noticed that his hands were trembling.’
    • ‘His black jacket was hanging over the footboard to his bed, a string tie draped over it, and a white shirt was laid out on the coverlet.’
    • ‘I sent to New York for a broad-brimmed hat and a string tie, and at enormous expense trained the local idiot to fan me with a palmetto leaf.’
    • ‘For men, it's relatively simple to dress up - a vest and a string tie and you're pretty much there.’
    • ‘He always wore his shirt buttoned up and a string tie, even out working.’
    • ‘There was a string tie to it so I put it around my neck.’
    • ‘Samuel Devins, master of the Laurie, straightened his black string tie and smiled at his reflection in the mirror.’
    • ‘Ben took off his coat so that he could sit at the table in white shirtsleeves, waistcoat and silk string tie.’
    • ‘I indicated the one in the pink drape coat and western string tie standing in the shadows, almost in the wings.’
    • ‘He has borrowed the flat hat and string tie from Buster Keaton, and the boots from Little Tich.’
    • ‘Tombstone's drivers are dressed in white tuxedo shirts, string ties, black pants and cavalry-style knee-high boots with a single spur.’