Definition of stringhalt in English:



mass noun
  • A condition affecting one or both of a horse's hind legs, causing exaggerated bending of the hock.

    • ‘My daughter has a 9 year old gelding who has a very mild form of stringhalt in his near hind leg only.’
    • ‘In some non-toxicity cases stringhalt has been cured by cutting a tendon that is near the hock.’
    • ‘The stringhalt we get here is specifically known as Australian stringhalt and always resolves itself.’
    • ‘Horses with stringhalt can walk, canter and gallop quite well but they cannot trot properly.’
    • ‘My vet has told me there is a stringhalt surgery, but I want to make sure that that's what it is first.’
    • ‘I have probably struggled over stringhalt more than any other condition in either man or beast.’
    • ‘Most scientists believe the cause of stringhalt is from certain neuromuscular conditions.’
    • ‘Some horses develop stringhalt after an injury such as having a leg caught up in a fence while others have no known initiating cause.’
    • ‘A horse with stringhalt is often unable to back up and, in severe cases, will be unable to move because of the uncontrollable action of his hind legs.’