Definition of stringpiece in English:



  • A long piece supporting and connecting the parts of a wooden framework.

    • ‘Subsequently, with the second nut, also not marked, the stringpiece is connected to the bus bar 32.’
    • ‘This pretty much only leaves the narrow area along the dock's stringpiece where smoking is now allowed.’
    • ‘He stepped onto a stringpiece to investigate and, losing his footing on the ice-coated surface, fell into the water.’
    • ‘These supporting stringpieces are secured on the central pipe.’
    • ‘It imported a 5,000-ton heavy punching machine from Japan, which ensures that the stringpiece of the car frame is shaped with only one punch.’
    • ‘When stringpiece or apron width is insufficient for safe footing, grab lines or rails shall be installed on the sides of permanent structures.’
    • ‘She came in closer and closer, so close that Wilbur could hear the talk of the fishermen sitting on the stringpieces.’
    • ‘And, blamed idiots that we were, we sat on stringpieces and old logs and fence rails and damp grass and shifted our rapidly decreasing weight.’
    • ‘These stringpieces were of yellow pine, from twelve to twenty-four feet long and six inches square.’