Definition of stringybark in English:



  • An Australian eucalyptus with tough fibrous bark.

    Several species in the genus Eucalyptus, family Myrtaceae

    • ‘It is a match stick to a stringybark that Lennon's mill proposal will not satisfy the Greens.’
    • ‘Originally made of stringybark and mallee sleepers in 1914, the line was later replaced by steel.’
    • ‘Tennis balls were cut in half and bark from stringybark trees was glued to all surfaces.’
    • ‘It is found in the stringybark forests of eastern South Australia and southwestern Victoria, where it feeds on the seeds of stringybark trees.’
    • ‘For arthritis or gout, apply stringybark honey.’
    • ‘The site is situated at Gulkala, set amongst stringybark forest with views to the Gulf of Carpentaria.’