Definition of strip-search in English:



[with object]
  • Search (someone) for concealed items, typically drugs or weapons, in a way that involves the removal of all their clothes.

    ‘he was photographed, fingerprinted, and strip-searched’
    • ‘Six members of the protest were taken to Fitzgibbon Street Garda station, where the two women were strip-searched.’
    • ‘There, they strip-searched me, made me put on an orange jump suit and cut off all my hair, just like a criminal.’
    • ‘‘I was strip-searched three times during intake and given only a long T-shirt to wear,’ he said.’
    • ‘The reporter, cameraman and driver were strip-searched in separate interrogation chambers.’
    • ‘Many prisoners say they were denied adequate water and food, and women were strip-searched by male guards.’
    • ‘Just last week they strip-searched a young mother right in front of her small children!’
    • ‘The officer in charge strip-searched the appellant prior to lodging her in a cell.’
    • ‘Police had a warrant to search her home for drugs, but did not have magistrates' permission to strip-search people there.’
    • ‘Male and female arrestees say they were strip-searched that night.’
    • ‘At one point in 1999, nearly 70,000 people were suing the police over being strip-searched for minor offences like fare-dodging.’
    • ‘Protesters sued after accusing the police of firing rubber bullets at demonstrators and strip-searching those arrested.’
    • ‘Indeed, immigration officials of many countries strip-search persons traveling with diplomatic passports.’
    • ‘They have to submit to being strip-searched regularly in case drugs or weapons are being hidden on their person.’
    • ‘They were strip-searched, given orange uniforms and mattresses, and led to their respective cells.’
    • ‘When she protested they threatened to strip-search her.’
    • ‘They were strip-searched, sprayed for lice and locked up with chains around their ankles.’
    • ‘A woman reported being strip-searched in jail by four male officers, then left naked.’
    • ‘He is handcuffed, strip-searched and brutalised by French officials who throw him into jail.’
    • ‘They strip-search him and briefly make him stand nude.’
    • ‘The pair were handcuffed, taken to the county jail, strip-searched and charged with criminal trespass.’


  • An act of strip-searching someone.

    ‘she felt dirty and humiliated after the strip-search’
    • ‘TMQ certainly will not stoop to the obvious strip-search and handcuff jokes.’
    • ‘We must all question the practices of roadblocks, strip-searches, urine tests, locker searches, and money laundering laws.’
    • ‘A prison inspectors' report in April 2003 revealed that staff routinely imposed random strip-searches after visits.’
    • ‘Finally, police officers can use ‘reasonable and necessary’ force to conduct strip-searches.’
    • ‘The Squad came in decked out in their Ninja Turtle suits expecting trouble as they began strip-searches and cell ramps.’
    • ‘I had many strip-searches and never got used to them, who would?’
    • ‘The officers remove my eighty-year-old grandmother's shoes and belt, ushering her into a private room for a thorough strip-search.’
    • ‘The questionnaire is the financial equivalent of a strip-search.’
    • ‘he was dismissed after a complaint by prisoner Stuart that he was mocked during a strip-search at Strangeways.’
    • ‘However, some shopkeepers pounce on me and demand everything but a strip-search.’
    • ‘You're less likely to be stopped for a strip-search when heading across the Channel.’
    • ‘Black women are consistently targeted for strip-searches at airports, while black men are designated for searches at traffic stops.’
    • ‘There are no signals in Chief Fantino's recommendations that the force's strip-search policy should not continue as in the past.’