Definition of strip cropping in English:

strip cropping


mass nounUS
  • Cultivation in which different crops are sown in alternate strips to prevent soil erosion.

    • ‘Organic farmers use practices such as crop rotations, intercropping, strip cropping, establishing wildlife cover and providing habitat for beneficial organisms.’
    • ‘Adding tile drains, diversion ditches, and strip cropping can slow erosion, increasing both yields and the effectiveness of field operations.’
    • ‘Reduced-tillage cropping systems and surface grading, in addition to contour planting and strip cropping, can also reduce pesticide runoff.’
    • ‘The trail was intended to be adjacent to no-till strip cropping planted on the contour, forest plots, and active animal pastures.’
    • ‘Tour a certified organic farm that integrates a rotational strip cropping system of corn, soybeans oats and turnips.’