Definition of strip mine in English:

strip mine


mainly North American
  • An open-pit mine.

    ‘The governor called the former strip mine site a ‘battlefield unlike others in our nation's history.’’
    • ‘Among its surprises are a 96-yard par 3 and a series of back-nine holes in a strip mine of vertical limestone walls, outcroppings and fossils.’
    • ‘The giant 757, carrying forty-four people, crashed at 500 miles an hour into a reclaimed strip mine.’
    • ‘AAP forwards further proof that by 2006 the Lower East Side will be no more than a gaping strip mine of architectural ooze.’
    • ‘But it is generally a very much smaller threat than, say, a strip mine.’
    • ‘For many yesterday, that meant an early-morning drive, a pilgrimage of sorts, to a strip mine turned into a cemetery.’
    • ‘Boss Hogg wants to create a strip mine in Hazzard County.’
    • ‘If approved, this would be the largest strip mine ever opened in Tennessee.’
    • ‘The aircraft hit the ground beside an abandoned strip mine near the village of Shanksville at 10.06 am.’
    • ‘In strip mine spoils in southeastern Ohio, values may be as low as pH 2.0.’
    • ‘Subsequently, the Indiana state legislature passed a strip mine control bill in 1941.’
    • ‘Four years ago, this 360 acres was Peabody Coal Company's long-abandoned Victoria strip mine outside Newburgh, Ind.’
    • ‘But it also indicated there were conflicting views on strip mine legislation within the union.’
    • ‘But I'd hate to live next to one of the huge strip mines in Tennessee or the pit mines in Wyoming or the iron mines in Minnesota.’
    • ‘The western reclaimed strip mines may support the largest Henslow's Sparrow populations in the Northeast.’
    • ‘Peabody operates two adjoining strip mines, yielding about 12 million tons of coal annually, under agreements with the two tribes.’
    • ‘But what 30 years of strip mines haven't destroyed, they've closed off and guarded.’
    • ‘The wells are better than strip mines for the coal itself, but the governors suggest camouflaging the wells.’
    • ‘The removal of rubble has become industrial in scale, with huge lorries with six-foot wheels normally used in strip mines carting it away.’
    • ‘For me the first thing that comes to mind (this is before I got to West Virginia) is strip mines.’

transitive verb

(also strip-mine)
[with object]mainly North American
  • 1Obtain (ore or coal) by open-pit mining.

    ‘lignite coal is strip-mined at depths of 45 to 100 feet’
    • ‘This filthy coal is strip-mined locally and stored in long ridges across the landscape.’
    • ‘Here the company operates the world's largest coal strip-mining operation.’
    • ‘The coal has been strip-mined throughout much of the region, permanently scarring the landscape.’
    • ‘It's just strip-mining the action genre to please the audience.’
    • ‘Local cultures and political economies are being strip-mined, pre-empted, or in some cases flat-out destroyed.’
    • ‘But by this time the groundfish stocks were so depleted that many factory trawlers had already moved on to strip-mine elsewhere.’
    • ‘Their upstream neighbor to the north is a phosphate strip-mining company called Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan.’
    • ‘He has been, in effect, strip-mining the emotional responses of blue-collar men to the problems his own administration is so intent on causing.’
    • ‘In all forms of popular media, every new idea is strip-mined for irony as soon as it's out of the box.’
    • ‘He is someone who has been strip-mined of ordinary emotion by life and by the job.’
    • ‘Anglo-American humanities academics has been strip-mining 20th Century European thinkers and writers for the last 30-40 years.’
    • ‘DVDs are causing a least some significant if very random strip-mining of the classical cinema.’
    • ‘It isn't so much a case of technology transfer as digital strip-mining.’
    quarry, excavate, dig, dig up, extract, unearth, remove, draw, scoop out
    1. 1.1Subject (an area of land) to open-pit mining.
      ‘after being strip-mined, the land is reclaimed’
      • ‘Just have him throw something together about a car race and the bad guy, Boss Hogg, buying up land so he can strip-mine it.’
      • ‘For the past 20 to 30 years, companies have been required to reclaim and restore to the original contours the area they strip-mine.’
      • ‘Most of the land surrounding the ruins has been strip-mined for the near-surface nitrate deposits.’
      • ‘To our right, the landscape looked as barren as Mars; it had been strip-mined for copper, and had never recovered.’
      • ‘I learned the contours of the strip-mined land as the pines grew.’
      • ‘Once the Dine realised what strip-mining was doing to their land, they filed a law suit, which was rejected.’
      • ‘Wow, I can't believe the Rylan senator's motion to strip mine the earth and enslave humanity passed unanimously.’
      • ‘In 1966 the Hopi tribal council signed a lease with Peabody Coal Company to strip mine a 25,000 acre area in the Navajo-Hopi Joint Use Area.’
      • ‘Earlier this summer, city planners gave Betters approval to strip mine the site.’