Definition of striped bass in English:

striped bass


  • A large bass of North American coastal waters, with dark horizontal stripes along the upper sides, migrating up streams to breed.

    Morone saxatilis, family Moronidae

    • ‘Cast a line for blue marlin, brook trout, smallmouth bass, or striped bass (‘rockfish’ to the locals).’
    • ‘While deciding, we stared into the eyes of a striped bass, sea bass, porgy and red snapper.’
    • ‘Many species eat the fry and smolts, including striped bass, American shad, sculpins and sea gulls.’
    • ‘Most hybrid striped bass that consumers purchase are a cross between female white bass and male striped bass.’
    • ‘Fishing enthusiasts also should explore the Potomac River, home to large mouth and striped bass (‘rockfish’ to the locals).’
    • ‘HLPs were also found in rainbow trout and striped bass.’
    • ‘The two anadromous species from Atlantic waters, striped bass and shad, have been welcome additions, not destroyers of native species.’
    • ‘‘This salty estuary is home to mussels, oysters, amphibians, turtles, striped bass and brook trout,’ Dyer explains in a hushed tone.’
    • ‘Moreover, the skinny southerners were more likely to survive staged encounters with natural predators, such as bluefish and striped bass.’
    • ‘Not to worry, says Chef Casella, there are plenty of delicious alternatives including striped bass, halibut, and orata.’
    • ‘A cross between male striped bass and female white bass, sunshine bass grow faster than either parent.’
    • ‘Marine species such as striped bass, shad and alewife utilize estuarine wetlands for spawning and then return to the ocean.’
    • ‘The result has been a resurgence of rockfish, striped bass and shad.’
    • ‘You'll also find DHA in salmon, halibut, mackerel, sardines and striped bass as well as flaxseed oil and fish oil supplements.’
    • ‘For the striped bass, place the bass fillets on a sheet pan and brush with the egg whites.’
    • ‘For example, salmon, striped bass and Atlantic sturgeon spawn in freshwater and mature in saltwater.’
    • ‘Season and sear the striped bass on both sides until desired doneness.’
    • ‘The different distributions of young-of-the-year white perch and striped bass presumably reflect their different origins.’
    • ‘Oysters, sturgeon, striped bass and crabs were harvested by the Canarsee Indians, and the surrounding land yielded deer and fowl.’
    • ‘Other well-managed and abundant wild species include striped bass, Pacific halibut, squid, and crabs (except Alaskan kings).’