Definition of striped hyena in English:

striped hyena


  • A hyena with numerous black stripes on the body and legs, living in steppe and desert areas from north-eastern Africa to India.

    Hyaena hyaena, family Hyaenidae

    • ‘Unlike their cousins the spotted hyenas, the striped hyenas (classified Hyaena hyaena) in the wild, forage during night hours.’
    • ‘Many larger mammals such as giraffes, striped hyenas, western kob, bushbuck and sitatunga are now considered extinct in the area around the lake.’
    • ‘The one-horned rhinoceros and striped hyenas are just some of the 1,200 animals to look out for at this award winning attraction.’
    • ‘The rolling hills and forests are a haven for desert wolves, leopards, striped hyena, wild sheep, the rare Sindh ibex and the imperial eagle.’