Definition of striped maple in English:

striped maple


  • A compact North American maple with large leaves and vertically striped bark.

    Also called moosewood (so named because moose often feed on the bark during severe winters)

    Acer pennsylvanicum, family Aceraceae

    ‘The third association, with little groundcover, occurs on a relatively steep north-facing slope that is distinguished by canopy chestnut oak and subcanopy striped maple.’
    • ‘Because of their minor combined relative importance, white pine and striped maple were excluded from the DCA ordination.’
    • ‘Of secondary importance are green ash and striped maple.’
    • ‘Moose break off branches of poplar saplings and of red and striped maples to feed on the terminal buds and twigs.’
    • ‘Likewise, gypsy moths preferentially feed on oak foliage compared to foliage of red or striped maples.’
    • ‘Similarly, striped maple responds strongly to small canopy gaps and effectively shades out seedlings of competing species.’