Definition of striped polecat in English:

striped polecat


another term for zorilla
‘We had a special sighting of a striped polecat wandering around in the grass on an evening game drive.’
  • ‘Kicheche is the Swahili word for Zorilla or striped polecat which closely resembles the American skunk.’
  • ‘When bothered by another animal, most commonly dogs, a striped polecat will growl and bark and fluff up its tail.’
  • ‘Black and white striped polecats are also nocturnal, though very seldom seen.’
  • ‘Now, it unwillingly provides the same service for the striped polecat, a link in the chain of appetites foraging in the dark.’
  • ‘Like the skunks found in North America, striped polecats can spray a large amount of powerfully odorous secretions from their anal glands.’
  • ‘The marbled polecat and striped polecat are related animals of Africa and W Asia.’
  • ‘There are several small predators, such as the African wild cat, several species of mongooses and the striped polecat.’
  • ‘Herein is our problem, recently one of those little, black, white striped polecats moved into our location.’
  • ‘The zorilla is sometimes called the striped polecat.’


striped polecat

/strīpt ˈpōlˌkat/ /straɪpt ˈpoʊlˌkæt/