Definition of striper in English:



another term for striped bass
  • ‘Next month I'll conclude with stripers and bluefish, marlin and tunas, G.T.'s and jacks, other assorted pelagics, and leerfish.’
  • ‘Anglers, as well as professional fishermen, seek the stripers, which make fine eating.’
  • ‘During our striper fishing adventures Joe even caught a huge common carp on a green plastic worm.’
  • ‘Today, the descendants of these pioneer stripers are the indicator species for the health of San Francisco Bay.’
  • ‘I'd stood on the beach at midnight with a full moon with famous chefs and filleted tons of stripers and bloody blues.’
  • ‘To win a tug-of-war with a big striper or bull red, select something with slower gears but better cranking power.’
  • ‘This month I will be chasing the striper bass in Chesapeake Bay off Maryland in the hope of connecting with a twenty pounder on a surface fished fly.’
  • ‘Last month's feature was all about my striper bass fishing trip on the Susquehanna Flats in Maryland.’
  • ‘Most times when I have been striper fishing the fish have been unhooked in the water.’
  • ‘The Vineyard boasts 125 miles of shoreline, providing ideal striper habitat.’
  • ‘Oh, and I had a morning casting at striper bass from a beach in New Jersey - with the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop!’
  • ‘Today there is magnificent fishing for striper bass, redfish, seatrout, jacks, lady fish etc.’