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  • 1A device used for stripping something.

    ‘plier-style wire strippers’
    • ‘Commercial strippers have tanks and booths, exhaust fans, and use the strongest chemicals purchased by the barrel.’
    • ‘Newer more environment- and people-friendly strippers are much safer to use but may take considerably longer to work.’
    • ‘Use a cable stripper to prevent cutting the plastic coating on the wires.’
    • ‘The small hire shop loans items such as cement mixers and paint strippers.’
    • ‘Their giant combine-like seed strippers use a flailing brush to remove seeds from grass heads.’
    • ‘Then the long saphenous vein causing the problem will usually be removed by the insertion of an instrument called a stripper.’
    • ‘He used a buffing machine with a strip pad to work the stripper into the sealer.’
    • ‘About the first thing I did was hire a wallpaper stripper for a week.’
    • ‘Graham has started studying the brochures and websites for wallpaper strippers and flooring alternatives.’
    • ‘Three months ago my carpet cleaner went, then my wallpaper stripper and my drill set.’
    • ‘Then I took a bunch of wire nuts and some wire strippers and spliced the severed wires.’
    • ‘Wire strippers feature adjustable stops so the insulation is cut but the wire is left exposed and undamaged.’
    • ‘You make a move or noise I'll shove this paint stripper up your nose.’
    • ‘To start with we stripped the old paint (a fetching shade of blue) using a metal paint stripper.’
    • ‘I use a paint stripper on my electric drill to strip the seeds off the heads onto a large piece of plastic.’
    1. 1.1Solvent for removing paint.
      ‘paint stripper’
      • ‘Never use any paint stripper in a poorly ventilated area.’
      • ‘You will need paint stripper and a brush, a scraper and some sandpaper.’
      • ‘After years of cocktail bars making stuff tasting like paint stripper and red cordial these guys know how to do it right.’
      • ‘They should bottle it and sell it as paint stripper.’
      • ‘There was also paint stripper that had been left behind.’
      • ‘Activists covered cars in paint stripper and slashed tires.’
      • ‘Vandals wielding paint stripper have caused damage costing thousands of pounds to a York businessman's vehicles.’
      • ‘I thought I might be using paint stripper and it doesn't work so well if it is too cold.’
      • ‘If inflation were any higher you might like to consider a glass of paint stripper instead.’
      • ‘In three separate attacks a total of seven cars have had paint stripper poured over them.’
      • ‘If you're using a solvent base stripper, you'll also need some lacquer thinner - a quart will be plenty for the average piece.’
      • ‘Farm machinery was sabotaged, cars were daubed with paint stripper and the home windows of staff were smashed.’
      • ‘It can only be removed using a paint stripper which degrades the polymer.’
      • ‘This four-step process begins with removal of lacquer and paint using a chemical stripper.’
      • ‘Electrical sparks from fans may increase the chance of flammable paint strippers fumes to catch fire.’
      • ‘Do not use flammable paint strippers near any source of sparks, flame, or high heat.’
      • ‘Do not work near an open flame, pilot lights, or electrical sparks when using flammable paint strippers.’
      • ‘Keep all chemical strippers and materials out of the reach of children and animals.’
      • ‘Many people opt to apply a chemical stripper directly on to the woodwork.’
      • ‘Individuals with pulmonary disorders or weakness should consult with a physician before using chemical strippers.’
  • 2A striptease performer.

    ‘the stripper gyrated on the tiny stage’
    • ‘When I first moved away from home at age 18, I lived with a woman who was an exotic dancer, a stripper really.’
    • ‘It was then I realized what go-go dancers have become: strippers who don't take their clothes off.’
    • ‘They soon meet a couple of male strippers whose ambiguous relationship mirrors their own.’
    • ‘He wasn't about to go to a dance looking like some male stripper.’
    • ‘What kind of message is that sending to all our would-be male strippers?’
    • ‘When hiring the stripper, please keep in mind that I prefer brunettes.’
    • ‘Did you notice they have a stripper pole here?’
    • ‘The primary characters are Clown, whose personality is far darker than his profession and his stripper girlfriend Cherry.’
    • ‘If there were female strippers, then the full monty is always welcome.’
    • ‘He falls for a young stripper named Honey and eventually the two are married.’
    • ‘The third was a smallish plain Jane, who boasted of being a stripper.’
    • ‘Since becoming a stripper, I have had to confront that reality several times.’
    • ‘"No one thinks they are going to become a stripper, " Mimi says.’
    • ‘And where did this tradition of strippers at bachelor parties start in the first place?’
    • ‘You were the stripper at my birthday party.’
    • ‘I had to play a stripper at a bachelor party.’
    • ‘The company receives 20 applications a day from potential strippers, lured by the prospect of easy money.’
    • ‘And, even though strippers would normally elevate my appreciation of a film, they don't in this instance.’
    • ‘As the old strippers in Sondheim's musical Gypsy tell us: ‘you've got to have a gimmick.’’
    • ‘My mother was a stripper, renown for her firm yet svelte bosom.’



/ˈstripər/ /ˈstrɪpər/