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(also stripey)
  • Striped.

    ‘a stripy T-shirt’
    • ‘Today it looks very fine indeed, all stripey lines and neatness.’
    • ‘Beneath stripy Western-style pyjamas, her neck, breasts and torso are bound in bandages that cover deep, raw burns.’
    • ‘It was the most hideous, black stripy wallpaper but I don't want to take it down because it's his.’
    • ‘Under stripy umbrellas belonging to gaily painted hotels, we were drinking cocktails and playing cards.’
    • ‘People think prisoners go around with stripy shirts, but they will be pleasantly surprised if they visit the prison.’
    • ‘The stripy jumper looks great with jeans and dark coats.’
    • ‘‘It's true,’ says a surprisingly chirpy Manson, curled up on a sofa in the hotel suite in a funky outfit of stripy dress over skinny jeans.’
    • ‘Laughing, she says: ‘People still expect me to have long Gothic hair and dress in stripy tights with a pointy hat.’’
    • ‘Justin reappears in a billowing white cape, stripy red and white skintight rock trousers and an open white waistcoat.’
    • ‘I saw red fish, blue fish, stripy fish, fish with polka dots, urchins, giant clams, sharks and acres of variegated coral waving hello.’
    • ‘Dressed in jeans and a stripy top, the 5ft 6in teenager said she started queuing at 11 pm on Friday.’
    • ‘Dressed in a stripy lime blouse and cream slacks, she reaches the sofa, kicks off her shoes and perches on it like a pixie.’
    • ‘They took my clothes and gave me the stripy clothes they made us wear.’
    • ‘These stripy yellow marauders from the continent are twice as big as their British counterparts.’
    • ‘That's why the zip on my stripy canvas clothes cover came out asymmetrical.’
    • ‘I like what he has to say about films generally but he still bothers me with his stupid hair and stripy jumpers.’
    • ‘Known for his loud ties and stripy jackets, he quickly became an afternoon television icon.’
    • ‘I re-entered the Harewood estate along an avenue of pines that cast a stripy shadow.’
    • ‘He was wearing a green anorak-style jacket and a stripy hat, and had carrier bags with him.’
    • ‘Why there are currently lots of little girls walking around Oxford wearing brightly-coloured stripey tights.’
    striped, barred, lined, banded
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/ˈstrīpē/ /ˈstraɪpi/