Definition of strong drink in English:

strong drink


mass noun
  • Alcohol, especially spirits.

    ‘he's rather too fond of strong drink’
    • ‘He also points to a fondness for strong drink taken neat; whisky and vodka rather than English ale or Irish stout.’
    • ‘I'm talking alcohol, strong drink, what the Pilgrims called ‘heated waters.’’
    • ‘There's a lot of Japanese folklore about strong drink, notably sake, coming to the aid of goodness.’
    • ‘If you are not partial to strong drink, a simple bedtime beer bong will suffice to keep people astonished at what they assume to be your lifestyle.’
    • ‘Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.’
    • ‘Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink; that continue until night, till wine inflame them!’
    • ‘Like strong drink, it doesn't take much to intoxicate.’
    • ‘The Yacht pub in Clontarf was buzzing at midnight last night and strong drink was being consumed at a terrific rate.’
    • ‘These forms of strong drink are always best when used in moderation, of course.’
    • ‘‘Only your love of strong drink, my friend,’ the sergeant replied, and clapped a hand on his shoulder with a laugh.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll have to turn to strong drink or something.’
    • ‘And the common denominator is too much strong drink!’
    • ‘I mumbled as I took a long sip of the tangy, strong drink.’
    • ‘Just to give advance warning: If you see me and I'm shuddering and shaking and partially incoherent, it ain't strong drink.’
    • ‘Some of us, professional recreationalists and tenured revelers, use strong drink as a philosophical statement.’
    • ‘And it reminded me of the old days on the East Coast: post work, pre supper, reeling from strong drink.’
    • ‘The Anglo-Saxon word beor referred to a sweet, strong drink, not made from cereals, and probably a fruit wine/cider/perry.’
    • ‘Though intemperate herself, Lucy resorted to strong drink only to alleviate the despair of a drunkard's wife.’
    • ‘Its comforts and rewards were in strong drink and gluttony, rough comradeship and the warmth of a blazing hearth on a cold night.’
    • ‘The sermon was a fiery denunciation of strong drink.’
    alcoholic drink, strong drink, drink, liquor, intoxicant