Definition of strong gale in English:

strong gale


  • A wind of force 9 on the Beaufort scale (41–47 knots or 75–87 km/h).

    • ‘And it's possible it could become what we call extra tropical, but it would still be a very strong gale force storm at that time.’
    • ‘It's hard to tell if it was from strong gale force winds or if it was some sort of tornadic activity.’
    • ‘An exceptionally strong gale of wind blew through and uprooted an old palm tree.’
    • ‘This 82m freighter, a casualty of a strong gale and heavy seas in December 1906, lies in the same nutrient-rich tidal stream that supplies Browning Wall.’
    • ‘A man was badly injured when the warehouse roof he was working on blew off in a strong gale here yesterday afternoon.’
    • ‘Base camp radioed that storm clouds were approaching from Everest in the west; a strong gale was already flailing the ridge.’
    • ‘The match was spoiled as a spectacle by the strong gale that blew straight down Flanagan Park, favouring the champions in the opening half.’
    • ‘Conditions in North Mayo were far from perfect as a strong gale, which was bitingly cold, caused problems for the team playing into it.’
    • ‘Wind blew diagonally across the field giving Dromintee the advantage in the first half and the strong gale was far from suitable for a good game.’
    • ‘The chaos of the battle is compared to a strong gale whipping up dust; Idomeneus is said to be fierce as fire.’
    • ‘Although an unexpected strong gale from the north made us shiver in the golf links, everybody was eager to have a go at the game.’
    • ‘He tried to stand but the ship was rolling heavily in the strong gale that was now blowing.’
    • ‘One of them told a Halifax newspaper that during one rather strong gale, the only way to move around at all was to crawl on all fours.’