Definition of structural engineering in English:

structural engineering


mass noun
  • The branch of civil engineering that deals with large modern buildings and similar structures.

    • ‘In addition to dismantling quarterbacks, Walker is a licensed civil engineer who specializes in structural engineering.’
    • ‘Schulte is a 1976 graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, with a degree in fire protection engineering and a minor in structural engineering.’
    • ‘Some fire protection engineers are suggesting a new service to architects and owners that would combine fire and structural engineering.’
    • ‘The firm specializes in blast analysis, retrofits and blast hardening, as well as structural engineering.’
    • ‘The company went public in 1995 and branched out into related areas of architecture, building construction, GIS, field survey and structural engineering.’
    • ‘With the Olympic Pool, it was one of Melbourne's landmark buildings demonstrating the enthusiastic 1950s expression of structural engineering.’
    • ‘It took over a year to build and was a first in structural engineering: it was the first iron-framed building in the world.’
    • ‘Collaboration between civil engineering and other AEC trades, such as architecture and structural engineering, is essential.’
    • ‘Design and build, where a contractor is responsible for architectural and structural engineering and construction, is also more widely used.’
    • ‘In London, he began part-time studies in structural engineering while employed by an engineering firm.’
    • ‘Dr. Southward is a consulting Engineer with a Ph.D. in structural engineering.’
    • ‘Can the architect design a beautiful building without knowledge of the laws of physics and the principles of structural engineering?’
    • ‘And Veena, a gold medallist in structural engineering, also studied applied mechanics at IIT-Madras.’
    • ‘Kevin Last, team leader of the council's civil and structural engineering technical services group said: ‘Work is now progressing on the subway.’’
    • ‘It has been broken up in the middle and keeping it alive calls for a feat of structural engineering.’
    • ‘William Baker, the structural engineering partner for SOM, describes the structure as ‘buttressed’ construction.’
    • ‘We're from Houston where my dad had a structural engineering firm.’
    • ‘He then expanded his repertoire of practical skills by taking up welding for a structural engineering company in Halifax.’
    • ‘Selection is based on a structural engineering analysis, environmental considerations, and architectural program intent.’
    • ‘The ability to model the entire structure in 3D provided major time savings in the structural engineering phase.’