Definition of structuration in English:



mass noun
  • The state or process of organization in a structured form.

    • ‘These variables interact in a process called structuration.’
    • ‘We demonstrate this claim through an arena in which we argue that processes of scalar structuration are of especial significance.’
    • ‘Alienated subjects cannot directly perceive how they participate in a wider process of structuration of meaning.’
    • ‘Another theorist has labelled similar effects in social organization more generally as mediate and proximate structuration.’
    • ‘It demonstrates both a general inside/outside structuration and a set of behaviours and processes that are clearly ‘international’ in form and content.’
    • ‘A narrative about place yields structuration of meaning generated from identity to produce what is most salient about place.’
    • ‘A pervasive theory of structuration needs to be built on preceding knowledge about agency and subjectivity.’
    • ‘The explanation for this phenomenon begins with the insights provided by theories of structuration and technology implementation.’
    • ‘Here we see how class contradictions may be worked through and ‘resolved’ ideologically within the racialized structuration of gender.’
    • ‘The conditions of this structuration of regulatory form vary across time and space and have proved different in the two countries.’
    • ‘The patterning of language thus reveals the structuration of organization, itself composed of multilayered conversations.’
    • ‘Viewed in light of class inequality as a structuration process, modularity has both a utopian and a reifying aspect.’
    • ‘These frames include actor network theory, social network approaches, structuration theory and its variants, and institutional theory.’
    • ‘To circumvent this difficulty, Hegel reformulates the problem of necessity as pertaining to the structuration of consciousness.’